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Personal Prayer Ministry

Listen, Love, Pray

What is Personal Pray Ministry?

We have trained prayer ministry teams that are chosen based on your individual needs. We seek guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead the prayer session to bring restoration, wholeness and health in all areas: emotional, physical and spiritual.  

Who Performs the Prayer Ministry?

Prayer Ministers who are trained to listen, love with God’s love, and intercede as the Holy Spirit leads.

How Many Prayer Ministers Are There Per Session?

Typically there are two to three minsters per session.

How Long Does a Ministry Session Last?

Usually a session last an hour to three hours, depending on the need.

How do I make an appointment?

You will need to complete the personal pray ministry application located on the contact us page. You will then need to email the completed application to [email protected] or mail it to 301 E Alabama Ave Suite C Rusotn La 71270. The session coordinator will contact you with in a few days to schedule your session. Please remember that this is all done by volunteers so processing your form takes some time. we will do our best to make sure everyone gets seen in a timely manner.

Can I have a second session?

Yes you can. We do not require a second application to be filled out at this time. If you would like a second session please email your request for a follow up session along with any issues that you would like addressed during your session. 

Do I have to pay for a prayer session?

No we do not charge for the prayer sessions, but we do accept donations to help continue to build the ministry. Please make checks out to Christ Source Ministries